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Erica Kelm
On the roller coaster of life, it helps to have an empathetic listener that will offer encouragement and support as you navigate the twists and turns of life and provide tools to help you cope with fear, anxiety, and any obstacles that threaten to derail you along the way. Erica Kelm is a certified Professional School Counselor and has worked in public education for 20 years as an ESL teacher, Elementary School Counselor, and Middle School Counselor. She currently attends Midwestern State University and is in the internship phase of working towards a master’s degree in Clinical and Mental Health and her LPC-Associate credentials. When counseling clients, she prioritizes a warm, genuine, and caring therapeutic relationship and regards the client as the expert in their life. Based on the client’s needs and personal goals, she will tailor a treatment plan utilizing a variety of therapeutic counseling skills and techniques.

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